Color you PERFECT!


Content of this blog are my personal views and opinions. None of my makeup and brushes are endorsed/sponsored by the brands mentioned. All of the products mentioned in this blog were personally bought with my own money and of course my darling  mom who has undying support on this (good thing she loves makeup too).  To look at this blog is also your freedom of choice. You may disagree with what you see and what I say that is fine, as I have said these are my personal views and opinions. There is such a thing as constructive criticism so if you do comment please do keep this in mind and respect the blogger’s view.

Web banners and other images used were designed by makeupbychaddax for use in this blog and for noncommercial purposes only.  All content such as text, graphics, logos and images is the property of the companies represented. Unless specifically permitted, no portion of these banners may be distributed or reproduced by any means, in any form, without the owners’ express written consent.


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