Color you PERFECT!

Nigel Beauty Emporium Haul

Welcome home!


As I picked up my 1st ever package from Nigel’s Beauty Emporium. Could not help but S-M-I-L-E… Its finally here!

Placed my order online at Nigel Beauty Emporium on 28th November (Friday) and got my package by 1st December (Monday). Yup! It was that fast. Apparently they use FedEx for their international shipping (USA to Abu Dhabi). A tracking number will be provided. Package already arrived in Abu Dhabi, Sunday night and was delivered to me the following day.


Kudos to the packaging. Bubble wrapped twice to ensure the package would arrive in good condition.

And here is a picture of what’s inside.


How could THIS not make you smile?! Ahhh yes….

Nigels Beauty Emporium order and shipping summary:

Shipping cost: $88.80 USD (based on the total weight of the items, I think)
International Shipping USA to Abu Dhabi

Fast (mine took 3 days to arrive!)
Packaging is secure (so you won’t have to worry of breakage)
International shipping option (USA to Abu Dhabi)
Online tracking (FedEx)
Customer Service (friendly and patient)
Will make you jump up and down for excitement.

Not much choice on shipping (international shipping will be through FedEx so expect it to be quite expensive)
Shipping cost upon check-out is not final (you have to contact them to lower this)
Contact with agent is through email (to which I slept around 3am to exchange emails for the confirmation of shipping cost, keep in mind that we do have different time zones)

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase with Nigel Beauty Emporium (though my credit card, took in a deep breath).
Package arrive at my door step in 3 days. Everything inside was in perfect condition. You are also able to track your shipment online (yes, yes I kept on checking where my package was, I enjoyed following it around LOL). I do hope one day they would also have a chat feature like Camera Ready Cosmetics so you can finalize everything right away.

Not bad for my first online shopping and shipping experience from the US… With that said, will definitely re-purchase again (when I get my funding back :p).

1st package home. 2 more to go!

Now leave me be and let me play with my makeup! :p
How about you? What was your latest beauty haul? Comment and share!!



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