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A review on Adesign Brushes: 14 pc Set

Hello Bellas!

Today I’m doing a review of the Adesign Brushes 14 pc brush set! Been using them for months now… Take note: these are high quality professional brushes. With these babies in your hands, you’ll definitely feel like a master. The elegant handles; the soft, delicate bristles; that stylish, classy look – everything about them just screams of awesome. Have I mentioned these have been my go-to brushes lately? Yeah, they’re that great. Just look at the image below. 🙂


Let’s get one thing out of the way, first. Yes, this set is a little pricey compared to others. But that’s only because we’re talking about real quality here. And if you think about it, purchasing this whole set is still a lot less expensive than buying MAC brushes per piece. ‘Fess up, makeup addicts, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – those MAC brushes don’t come cheap, especially here in the Philippines!

I do a lot of research before buying my tools, and the same is true for the Adesign Brushes 14 pc brush set. Prior to its purchase, I was already hearing a lot of raves about this set, courtesy of some high profile MUAs (Kevin James Bennett, GossMakeup Artist video blog, just to name a few). Sad to say, only a few artists in the Philippines are even aware it exists. Well, it’s about time you all became privy to the makeup world’s best-kept secret, ‘coz really, we’re missing out! So, without further ado, here is my review of each brush, and the entire set as a whole…


XL Powder: Oh, how I love this brush! It’s so big and… FLUFFY!!! I use it for loose powder and compact powder. Because of its size, the bristles cover a large area of the face, so just a couple of strokes and you’re done! I’m craving for one of these for personal use!


Finishing Contour: This one’s for application of blush. Picks up just the right amount of product when I use my La Femme blushes (btw, these blushes are really pigmented, so you only need a teeny amount, which makes this brush its perfect companion). It does need a lot more product if you’re going to use less pigmented blushes though. Sheds when you wash or use it wrong. Tip: do not push the brush up to the black bristles. Wash lightly focusing mainly on the white bristles.


Flat Top Foundation: Just the right amount of stiffness, and yet so gentle on the skin upon contact. Because it makes the skin absorb moisturizers faster and more efficiently, I often use it to apply said moisturizers on my client. Great for skin prep! You can also use this to apply foundation or cream blush on the apples of the cheeks. Hasn’t shed on me yet, not even a single hair.


Foundation: Dense and simply perfect for liquid or cream foundation application all over the face. Doesn’t streak too! (Though, honestly, I prefer using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush when applying foundation; it’s faster and saves me time.) I mostly use this as a concealer brush, specifically when I put concealer under the eye and spread it out. It really does a good job with it.


Accent: A dense and versatile brush! One of my favorites! Again! It can be used for contouring, highlighting, and setting powder under the eye. It can even take the place of the concealer brush. With its short bristles and fan-like shape, you make the call how and where to use it!


Contour: This brush loves its job, and it does it pretty darn well. Another highly dense brush, this one can be used as a highlighter, too. Because of its unique shape and heft, anyone who’s ever played with jumbo Crayola crayons as a kid will feel a surge of nostalgia when pinching this bad boy between their fingers. That’s right, my darlings; this brush will give you FEELS. So color, er, I mean contour away!! Not only do I massively enjoy using this, I absolutely adore how it looks, too.


All Over Shadow: Let me hear you say FLUFFY!!! This one’s another fluffy brush – maybe a little too fluffy to be used as an eyeshadow brush.. Unless you’re sporting a genuinely gigantic pair on your noggin’, it’s a bit too big for the eyelids, and somewhat a challenge to control when applying eyeshadow. It is, however, perfect for setting powder for under eye concealer (which is what I mostly use this brush for). Great for touch up too!


Angled Eye: One of my favorite brushes in this brilliant set. Other brushes may be too thick or big for those who have monolid eyes (like me!), but not this one. It’s just about the ideal size and shape for our dazzling Asian eyes. It fits perfectly in the eyelid and blends the eyeshadow so easily.


Concurve Liner: It actually took me some time to get used to this. To be honest, the brush shape is quite new to me, and I found it even a little… weird, at first. But the more I played with it, the more I got the hang of it. Now I use it to make the “base shape” in applying eyeshadows. Works great with monolids when you get lost applying e/s on their lids. It’s a little difficult to use for eyeliner application; the brush tip is quite thick, making control of it somewhat on the tricky side.


Eye 1: – Ohhh, this brush, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Ehem. A splendid eyeshadow brush. Again, perfect for them monolids out there. Just about the appropriate size to pack in those eyeshadow. Not only is this brush’s pick up great, it’s also a cinch to control.


Pointed Concealer: Ah, one of my favorite brushes of the set (I know, I know, I’ve been using the word “favorite” to describe a lot of these brushes. But heck, who am I to blame? These brushes really are that good). Really dense and versatile. I use this to spot paint, as well as for under eye concealer. Can be used as a crease brush or a lip brush. Honestly? I need me to get more of these!


Finishing Crease: I love using this for the crease! This brush gives you a lot of control, especially when applying those dark colors to the crease! This is just like the pointed concealer brush, but this sports duo fiber bristles and less dense, yet still an amazing brush!


Eye 5: Superb for filling in those eyebrows. Precise application for eyeshadow as a liner for that soft natural look. I don’t use it for gel/cream eyeliners since it becomes too thick. The bristles also have a tendency to spread out, which will make it harder for you to achieve precise lines with this brush. Still on the lookout for that perfect eyeliner brush.


Eye 4: Makes for a wonderful lip brush! I never attempted to use it for the eyes since I considered it the set’s lip brush from the get-go. But, judging from how the bristles feel, I think it can pack in some color on the eyelids (mainly for precise application). Maybe I should buy another one of this brush for this purpose.


Pointed Foundation (not included in the set): I purchased this along with the set as this is THE most raved about brush from the brand Adesign. This brush is really dense. With it, applying liquid/cream foundation becomes super simple. Since its tip is pointed, it reaches easily under the eye and the corners of the nose. In other words, it’s very, very precise. I mainly use it for the fast application of concealer under the eyes. I get why people are going gaga over this brush, but I still prefer using my RT expert face brush for the application of foundation. This brush is much too precise; it might take you forever to spread the foundation out over the whole face.

Oh and did I mention how classy and beautiful the brush case is?!? Here is my personal set shown below.


Overall, a fantastic, fabulous set. My only regret? Not getting it earlier when I could have.

So, what do you guys think? Are these brushes cool or what? I’m sure there are some makeup aficionados out there, aside from yours truly, who have managed to snag these awesome brushes. If you have, feel to comment below, and share your experiences with your Adesign brushes!

Brush set is bought with my own money. 🙂 Photos used are from Adesign except for the last one. Sadly no time to take photos of the brush itself (‘coz I just can’t wait to post my review on this).


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