Color you PERFECT!

A Promise I kept!

A very laaaate post! Since I’ve been very busy with work and other stuff. Anyways, I promised my office mate Clarinda (the one who pushed me to take up make-up classes) that once I graduated, I will be the one doing her make-up on the wedding of his brother. And soooo I did.. I did her make-up and her sister’s too, plus 4 more people. It was such a hectic day! I did the makeup for most of the entourage! It was crazy! But I had soo much fun!! I called up one of my classmates from my makeup school to fix their hair too, hi Peejay! (sadly, we never got the chance to have a photo together). But atleast we got the chance to catch up. It was great working with you!

Note to self:
I have got to invest on buying a make-up chair! Sponsors?!? Anyone?!?

May 18, 2013
Sorry for the blurry photos.. Guess I have to check up on those official wedding photos.
Clarinda Mae My first client for the day!Its starting to get crazy!


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